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National Speed Limit Laws Return with a Hillary Administration

Eric Peters has an excellent article today on the history of the now temporarily defunct “national” speed limit regulations and the absurdity of the notion that they were ever enacted to “keep you safe.”  Regardless of what Hillary Clinton says about keeping you – minion – safe, these laws were always intended first to save fuel … read more

Libertarianism, Defined

Do you have questions about Libertarianism?  Have you been hearing more and more of your friends talk about it, all the while thinking to yourself, “well isn’t that just the political philosophy of people who are fiscally conservative but socially liberal?”  Well you’re not alone!  The recent debacle that we call a Presidential election cycle … read more

The Cult of Lincoln: A Short Primer

Quick, name your favorite US President!  I’m willing to bet his name rhymes with Baberaham Shminkin. What?! I was right?  Uncanny.  But how did I know?  You see the odds of me being correct in my assumption that Abraham Lincoln is your favorite US President are extremely high because I know exactly how you were … read more

The Willfully Dishonest for Bernie Sanders

I recently drove past a 2015 Nissan Pathfinder sporting a large, colorful “Bernie 2016” bumper sticker.  Although my mind would have appreciated the clarity that would accompany a quick avoidance of that nonsense, I was unable to avoid the most obvious of curiosities. Was the owner of this large, low-MPG behemoth being willfully dishonest? Or is … read more

Compulsory Medication is Here – and Has Been for Over 50 Years.

Citizen, you will take your fluoride.  You probably don’t even know it.  Is it good for you?  One study suggested it was moderately beneficial for children ages 5 – 9.  Other than that, there are no proven benefits for anyone over age 9.  Yet you are forced to unknowingly administer this medication, in unknown doses, … read more

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