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The State’s Privileged Status When Busting Down Your Door

Replace every instance of “bounty hunter” in this news report with “police officer” or “federal agent,” and NOBODY would blink an eye, let alone demand culpability.  Bounty Hunters Raid Wrong Home in Phoenix FACT: the State is held less accountable when raiding incorrect homes, improperly confiscating private property, and even shooting incorrect suspects. There’s no … read more

Jury Nullification: The State Is Terrified

On July 30th, Mark Iannicelli was arrested just outside a Denver, CO courthouse and charged with seven felonies.  Mr. Iannicelli wasn’t committing a violent act, stealing large amounts of money or private property, threatening violence, or selling prohibited controlled substances.  Mr. Iannicelli was carrying out one very important, albeit incredibly State-infuriating, act of public service.  Mr. Iannicelli … read more

Missing the Point About the Transgender Suicide Rate, or A Normal Day at

I wish I could say I was surprised when I read it, but alas: one of the geniuses at once again missed the point entirely.  In a recent article by Scott Eric Kaufman, Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro is called out for comments he made regarding the Transgender suicide rate.  Shapiro, clearly making a valid point … read more

Agreeing with Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) on just this one thing

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) recently lectured a state attorney from Boston on the fundamentals of following the Constitution and its limits on state snooping without a valid search warrant.  The aforementioned lawyer from Boston was attempting to lobby for greater access for law enforcement to private citizens’ information via the typical unconstitutional spying tactics of … read more

Same-Sex Marriage Oral Arguments: A Swing And A Miss

Today SCOTUS heard oral arguments regarding same-sex marriage.  No matter how the decision eventually comes down, the highest court authorized by the Constitution is more or less contemplating the lesser of two evils.  With a decision to declare same-sex marriage a constitutional right throughout the 50 states, the court would be making many terrible and … read more

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