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The Battle for Liberty Podcast Archive


Ep. 54: Statist Propaganda in Popular Entertainment

Ep. 53: The Merits of Price Gouging

Ep. 52: Free Speech Activist Teaches Us How to Reach Antifa Youth  |  Featured Guest Ben Kolodny

Ep. 51: Libertarianism and Christianity  |  Featured Guest Nick Gausling

Ep. 50: The Battle Continues

Ep. 49: How to Win Supporters by Sticking to Your Principles  |  Featured Guest Caleb Huff

Ep. 48: Defending the Undefendable

Ep. 47: Free Market Beats The State — The Solution to Landfills  | Featured Guest Justin Nguyen

Ep. 46: The Pledge of Allegiance  |  Featured Guest Dissident Mama

Ep. 45: Shots Fired, Anarcho-Capitalists Attacked! I Respond

Ep. 44: Secession Day 2017

Ep. 43: The State is Out of Control, Plus Listener Questions

Ep. 42: Trump’s Plan to Privatize Air Traffic Control  |  Featured Guest Captain Dave

Ep. 41: Beer and Liberty  |  Featured Guest Nick Weber

Ep. 40: BFL Correspondent Havana Great Time in Cuba  |  Featured Guest Meg

Ep. 39: Actual Anarchy: How Do We Get There?  |  Featured Guests Robert and Daniel of

Ep. 38: Detained and Molested by the TSA

Ep. 37: The Triumph of the Free Market

Ep. 36: Intellectual Property

Ep. 35: In Defense of #TaxationIsTheft

Ep. 34: United Airlines Flight 3411 — The Whole Story  |  Featured Guest Captain Dave

Ep. 33: Is The Libertarian Party As Radical As It Once Was?  |  Featured Guest Pepper Snyder

Ep. 32: How Capitalism Can Save the Environment  |  Featured Guest Antony Sammeroff

Ep.31: Milton Friedman Was Wrong

Ep. 30: Minarchy v. Anarchy  |  Featured Guest Arthur Cleroux

Ep. 29: The Scientific Method for Your Reasoning  |  Featured Guests Jeffrey Hann and Robert Wasmund

Ep. 28: Abraham Lincoln, The Great Consolidator

Ep. 27: Conservatarians

Ep. 26: Executive Orders, Immigration, and Anarchy

Ep. 25: In Search of Liberty, She Fled Communist China  |  Featured Guest Lily Tang Williams

Ep. 24: Economic Illiteracy

Ep. 23: We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

Ep. 22: The DUI Racket

Ep. 21: The Sedition Act Strikes Back

Ep. 20: The Electoral College

Ep. 19: The TSA is Evil and Stupid, and the Elite are Out of Touch

Ep. 18: Pride, Humility, and Patriotism

Ep. 17: What Can the Chicago Cubs Teach Us About Decentralization?

Ep. 16: Election Fallout Continues. GrubHub CEO Coddles His Employees Like Infants

Ep. 15: Donald Trump, President-Elect

Ep. 14: Property Rights

Ep. 13: How I Voted in the 2016 General Election

Ep. 12: Following Up! Gary Johnson & An Interested Listener

Ep. 11: The State Ruins Healthcare

Ep. 10: Voluntaryism Revisited

Ep. 9: Voluntaryism is the New Anarchy

Ep. 8: Question, Examine, Discuss EVERYTHING

Ep. 7: Silly Electric Vehicles and The EU is Clearly Compensating for Brexit

Ep. 6: Henry Hazlitt Changed My Life

Ep. 5: Libertarian Townhall Analysis

Ep. 4: Free Market Smashes the Government-Protected Taxi Industry

Ep. 3: Freekachu v Bureaupuff

Ep. 2: Police Violence in the Police State

Ep. 1: My Battle for Liberty

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