Defend Voluntary Association

Voluntary association is one of the most basic tenets held by the truly liberty-minded.  And yet lately it’s fallen out of fashion, sometimes even with those claiming to be [L]ibertarians.  Instead, we’re told, public accommodation laws should be favored.  These laws empower the the State to insert itself into a business arrangement that should be … read more

Compulsory Medication is Here – and Has Been for Over 50 Years.

Citizen, you will take your fluoride.  You probably don’t even know it.  Is it good for you?  One study suggested it was moderately beneficial for children ages 5 – 9.  Other than that, there are no proven benefits for anyone over age 9.  Yet you are forced to unknowingly administer this medication, in unknown doses, … read more

The State’s Privileged Status When Busting Down Your Door

Replace every instance of “bounty hunter” in this news report with “police officer” or “federal agent,” and NOBODY would blink an eye, let alone demand culpability.  Bounty Hunters Raid Wrong Home in Phoenix FACT: the State is held less accountable when raiding incorrect homes, improperly confiscating private property, and even shooting incorrect suspects. There’s no … read more

Jury Nullification: The State Is Terrified

On July 30th, Mark Iannicelli was arrested just outside a Denver, CO courthouse and charged with seven felonies.  Mr. Iannicelli wasn’t committing a violent act, stealing large amounts of money or private property, threatening violence, or selling prohibited controlled substances.  Mr. Iannicelli was carrying out one very important, albeit incredibly State-infuriating, act of public service.  Mr. Iannicelli … read more

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