Ep. 46: The Pledge of Allegiance

Growing up, I distinctly recall standing up every morning in school, placing my hand over my heart and blindly reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  But no one ever taught me what it meant — at least not in any meaningful way that went further than the propagandists’ standard argument that it was somehow patriotic. Fast … read more

Ep. 29: The Scientific Method for Your Reasoning

Have you ever wanted to improve your skills of argumentation?  Ever gotten into a debate but found you and your opponent got nowhere?  We’ve all been there!  What you should know is that it’s almost a certainty that the breakdown in communication was caused by a failure to adhere to a system of consistency of personal … read more

Ep. 18: Pride, Humility, and Patriotism

I’ve been asked a few times about how libertarians view patriotism.  Do they hate the United States?  Do they love it?  Why are they always engaging in America bashing?  In this episode I’m going to tackle this question by first inspecting two fundamental concepts: pride and humility.  From there, we’ll examine patriotism from the libertarian … read more

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