Williams, Hazlitt, Bastiat: The Elite I Can Support

This week, Walter Williams channeled Henry Hazlitt (and by proxy Frédéric Bastiat) in a superb article dealing with the recent drive for the $15 minimum wage. Call me crazy, but it seems every economic blunder pushed by our noble policy makers always boils down to Hazlitt’s one lesson, which he admittedly learned from Bastiat.  Williams does us … read more

Defend Voluntary Association

Voluntary association is one of the most basic tenets held by the truly liberty-minded.  And yet lately it’s fallen out of fashion, sometimes even with those claiming to be [L]ibertarians.  Instead, we’re told, public accommodation laws should be favored.  These laws empower the the State to insert itself into a business arrangement that should be … read more

“I’m THAT Libertarian”

Marc Allan Feldman’s closing statement during the Presidential debate at the Libertarian Party’s 2016 National Convention just might be the greatest 60 seconds of the entire convention. The convention was a huge disappointment for a number of reasons, chief among them being that the party nominated two liberal progressive Republicans (Gary Johnson and Bill Weld) … read more

National Speed Limit Laws Return with a Hillary Administration

Eric Peters has an excellent article today on the history of the now temporarily defunct “national” speed limit regulations and the absurdity of the notion that they were ever enacted to “keep you safe.”  Regardless of what Hillary Clinton says about keeping you – minion – safe, these laws were always intended first to save fuel … read more

Libertarianism, Defined

Do you have questions about Libertarianism?  Have you been hearing more and more of your friends talk about it, all the while thinking to yourself, “well isn’t that just the political philosophy of people who are fiscally conservative but socially liberal?”  Well you’re not alone!  The recent debacle that we call a Presidential election cycle … read more

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