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Ep. 55: Can We Crowd-Fund the Government?

Everyday, thousands of worthy causes are funded voluntarily through a large number of small contributions — many times by people completely unknown to the beneficiaries.  In the age of instant information and effortless allocation of funds, can that very same tactic be utilized to fund services typically provided by the government?  Roads?  Emergency Services?  National defense?  Parks?  Can we crowd-fund the government?  Today I explore that possibility with Theodore from  After a long break, the Battle For Liberty is back!


About the Guest

Theodore is an educator and activist in the Crowd Funded Government endeavor.  Theodore participates in friendly debates, makes public speeches, and spearheads civic activism in an effort to raise awareness of the benefits of voluntarily funding government services.  He’s also the owner and operator of


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Essay Mentioned

Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth, by Ludwig von Mises

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