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Ep. 52: Free Speech Activist Teaches Us How to Reach Antifa Youth

In the wake of the recent civil unrest and horrific violence in the streets of Charlottesville, Boston, Durham, and elsewhere, it can be easy to feel alienated from humanity.  And just when we feel like we need some better news, up crops someone like Ben Kolodny.  As an activist for free speech, Ben recently had an encounter with a young AntiFa protester in which he actually made serious headway towards mutual understanding and respect.


About the Guest

Ben Kolodny is the founder of Liberty’s Future. He’s also the National Director of the PragerForce Video Production Committee. Ben focuses on college activism, specifically universities and their attempts to stifle free expression. Ben is an expert when it comes to the anti-free speech organizations like AntiFa and By Any Means Necessary. Ben has delivered speeches about libertarianism to both high school and college students, and has extensive speaking and debating experience.


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Liberty’s Future


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Liberty’s Future


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How to Protect Your Child From Indoctrination 


Organizations Mentioned

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

Campus Reform

Leadership Institute

Turning Point News


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