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Ep. 49: How to Win Supporters by Sticking to Your Principles

When you think about propaganda you probably think negative thoughts. In your mind, that word has dishonest undertones, doesn’t it? That’s because propaganda is usually something that’s used to fool you, or at least strategically influence your thinking in a subconscious manner. And we’re usually told that the message buried in your subconscious is misleading and sinister. And to be fair, many times that’s exactly the case.

But what if propaganda isn’t necessarily always so sinister? Can propaganda be used to promote the principles of freedom and liberty?

My guest this week is Caleb Huff, owner and operator of Principled Propaganda, an online merchant dedicated to helping you win supporters by publicizing and marketing the principles of liberty. According to Principled Propaganda, “Liberty sells itself, but you need to get someone to be receptive to it first.” Getting people to be receptive to liberty is precisely what Caleb is doing at Principled Propaganda.

Listen up as Caleb tells us all about his battle for liberty!


About the Guest

Caleb Huff is the owner and operator of Principled Propaganda, an online store that sells libertarian-themed merchandise.


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