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Ep. 47: Free Market Beats The State — The Solution to Landfills

Ever wonder what happens to your food waste once it leaves your curb in the ole’ garbage truck?  It typically winds up sitting in a landfill somewhere.  And if this is the best solution we have for these waste products, then there’s no problem.  But is there a better solution?  You bet there is!  But you won’t see it in the the land of the free anytime soon.

This week I’m speaking with the founder of Nguyen Solutions, an innovative waste management company that’s solving this problem in an environmentally friendly way.  Ever hear the phrase “walk the walk?”  In the libertarian world, this guy is doing just that.  Listen up to learn more!


About the Guest

Justin Nguyen is the Director of Nguyen Solutions, a liberty-minded waste management company in Indonesia.


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INDIEGOGO Project: Recycle Revolution


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Nguyen Solutions


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