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Ep. 42: Trump’s Plan to Privatize Air Traffic Control

President Donald Trump recently announced a plan to “privatize” the air traffic control system in the US.  Upon hearing such news, a budding libertarian might be inclined to pop the corks off the champagne bottles and start partying like the revolution is about to begin.  Not so fast, says Captain Dave, our resident airline industry expert.  Join us today for a great discussion about what the State usually means when it aims to privatize one of its precious monopolies.


About the Guest

Captain Dave is a commercial airline pilot with over seven years’ experience flying narrow and wide-body jets all over the world.  He’s also a Rothbardian-style voluntaryist with a knack for applying libertarian principles to complex political topics.


Articles Referenced

President Donald J. Trump’s Principles for Reforming the U.S. Air Traffic Control System

Why Donald Trump’s Air Traffic Controller “Privatization” is a Scam


Guest’s Previous Appearances

Ep. 34: United Airlines Flight 3411 — The Whole Story

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