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Ep. 40: BFL Correspondent Havana Great Time in Cuba

The Trump administration recently leaked information that it would reverse the Obama-era rollbacks in regards to relations with Cuba.  This seems to be more of Trump’s “America First” strategy in action.  But what, if anything, will such a reversal accomplish?  The State is masterful at achieving unintended consequences and I’m wondering what will happen when the US reimplements harsh restrictions on the free flow of goods, people, and currency.  Will such action actually put America first?  Will there be any real benefits for Americans?  Or will it simply snuff out the voluntary associations between people living roughly 100 miles from each other?

This week I have the privilege of hosting my friend, Meg, on the show.  Meg recently visited Cuba — thanks to the policies of the State, that’s something most of us simply can’t say.  She’ll share a unique experience that you and I aren’t likely to have any time soon.  Here’s a preview: it’s Bernie Sanders’ dream come true.

Tune in, this one can’t be missed!


Articles Referenced

Trump planning to reverse Cuba policy, sources say

How Embargoes Destroy Freedom


Photos from Meg’s Trip to Cuba

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