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Ep. 39: Actual Anarchy: How Do We Get There?

The concept of anarchy scares a lot of people.  But the truth is that anarchy is already a huge part of your life, whether you know it or not.  Most human interaction occurs in an anarchistic relationship — meaning nobody had to hold a gun to your head to get you to interact peacefully with your fellow man.

Yet we’re constantly told that without our wise, educated rulers and their bag full of regulations, life would be chaotic and violent!  And most of us simply accept that assertion without even so much as a shred of proof.  But what if I told you anarchy is all around you?  No, not the cartoonish version of anarchy you hear about in the media — you know, the version in which evil warlords roam the earth in pickup trucks pillaging everything you own — but actual anarchy.

This week I’m joined by Robert and Daniel, purveyors of the Actual Anarchy Podcast.  Now here’s two guys who are actually doing something to educate the masses about the true nature of anarchy, and illustrate examples of it in everyday life.  Their methodology is genius and I know you’re going to love it.


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Actual Anarchy

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