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Ep. 34: United Airlines Flight 3411 — The Whole Story

When United Airlines chose to forcibly remove one of their paying customers from an airplane in Chicago this week, a terrible mistake was made. I think a lot of people agree that the airline could have done a better job of problem solving, and physical removal could have (and should have) been avoided.  But what’s the Libertarian stance on what actually happened? Ahh, now there’s the question!

This week, I’m joined by an airline industry expert with close personal knowledge of the situation. Together we cruise through the misinformation, explore all aspects of this incident and uncover the truth of the matter: Only the free market can properly regulate this kind of poor customer service.  Come along for the ride, you’re bound to learn something!


Video Referenced

Passenger dragged off overbooked United flight


Other References

United Airlines Contract of Carriage

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