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Ep. 33: Is The Libertarian Party As Radical As It Once Was?

On this show, I tend to talk a lot about little l libertarianism – that is, libertarian principles and philosophy, and the various policy conclusions that I draw from those foundations.  But of course Libertarianism also refers to the political party, what I might call big L Libertarianism.

If you’ve listened to this show for a while, you know I’ve been critical of the Libertarian Party because I believe it has made too many concessions for the sake of growing the party. In fact I believe it has begun embracing an odd form of utilitarianism.  The party doesn’t hold to strict principles, and because of that, it often comes away with inconsistent policy positions.

But I do think it’s important to stay up to date with the Libertarian party, even if I wouldn’t necessarily support it on a day to day basis.  So this week I want to do a little bit of that.

This week’s guest is Pepper Snyder, former Libertarian candidate for United States Congress in Indiana’s 3rd district, which is the Ft. Wayne area.  She’s also the proud mother of 7 children.  And today Pepper is going to tell us all about her Battle for Liberty.


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