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Ep. 32: How Capitalism Can Save the Environment

One of the most common objectives thrown in the face of libertarians is the problem of protecting the environment.  The typical argument goes something like this: “without the State, evil corporations — who are motivated only by profit — will squander natural resources, emit toxic pollutants, and ruin the environment for everyone. How could a 100% market-based economy protect the environment without the necessary evil of coercive, and potentially violent sanctions levied by the State?”

This week’s guest is Antony Sammeroff, host of the Scottish Liberty Podcast.  And he’s tackled this objection so thoroughly, you’ll want to take notes when he speaks.  After this week, you’ll never again wonder “gee, how do libertarians plan to protect the environment?”


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Article Referenced

10 Ways The Profit Motive Drives Sustainability, by Antony Sammeroff


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The Scottish Liberty Podcast, Only Capitalism Can Save the Environment

The Tom Woods Show, Ep. 860: Skeptics of Capitalism, and How to Persuade Them

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