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Ep. 30: Minarchy v. Anarchy

One of the most common arguments within the liberty movement is whether individual freedoms are better protected by a small government or by no government at all.  Some maintain that the inherent flaws of humanity require a small, limited government to supplement an otherwise completely free society.  But others aren’t quite so convinced.  Could it be that the best way to ensure individual liberty is to completely abolish that small, yet essentially coercive system altogether?  This week, Arthur Cleroux joins me to provide some healthy dissonance to my anarchistic tendencies.


About the Guest

Arthur Cleroux is Copy Editor at  Prior to that, Arthur held numerous positions in both non-profit and for-profit organizations where he worked in roles ranging from investor relations to sales management and training.  He’s also the proud father of 2 amazing children.


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Arthur Cleroux

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