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Ep. 29: The Scientific Method for Your Reasoning

Have you ever wanted to improve your skills of argumentation?  Ever gotten into a debate but found you and your opponent got nowhere?  We’ve all been there!  What you should know is that it’s almost a certainty that the breakdown in communication was caused by a failure to adhere to a system of consistency of personal thought.

But what if your reasoning and communication skills had their own scientific method?  Well it turns out such a thing already exists.  It’s called the Trivium methodology and it’s fascinating.  This week Jeffrey Hann and Robert Wasmund join me to talk about Journalistic Revolution, the Trivium Method, and even poke some fun at the expense of International Women’s Day.


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Full Trivium Method

History… Connected: The Trivium Method vs. The Classical Trivium: A Briefing by Kevin Cole


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