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Ep. 25: In Search of Liberty, She Fled Communist China


Many of us in the Liberty movement talk a great game.  That is — we’re fantastic cheerleaders for the cause.   We write blogs, books, and articles.  We publish podcasts.  We participate at rallies.  We even practice civil disobedience.  But the vast majority of us have never risked our lives or our families in search of liberty.  Thankfully, many of us have not yet been faced with that unthinkable choice.

This week I’m pleased to welcome Lily Tang Williams to the show.  Without a doubt, Lily has lived a unique life filled with those difficult decisions.  She has truly walked the walk.  And if you listen up, you’ll learn how she continues — to this very day — to make tough choices for the cause of liberty.

About the Guest

Lily Tang Williams grew up in Chairman Mao’s China under abject authoritarian rule.  Wanting a better life, filled with the liberties she knew she was born with, Lily risked perilous consequences by deceiving the Communist Party of China in a ruse about attending Graduate School in the United States.  In truth, Lily knew she would be leaving her life and family behind forever.  Once in the United States, she never went back.   Since that time, Lily has lived and worked in Denver, CO and Hong Kong.

Lily became active in local politics for the cause of liberty.  She ran for CO State Representative in 2014 and US Senate in 2016 on the Libertarian ticket.  She is also the former State chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado.  Most recently, Lily announced her and her husband’s intention to move to New Hampshire to join the Free State Project.


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Lily Tang Williams

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Victims of Communism Foundation

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