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Ep. 23: We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

What a crazy week for news its been.  Three crazy members of Black Lives Matter kidnapped, held, and tortured a special needs teen in Chicago, expressly because he was a white Trump supporter.  But was it a hate crime?  Apparently not.  Then there was a mass shooting at the Ft. Lauderdale airport and it took just nanoseconds before gun control groups blamed Donald Trump, who has absolutely no power over gun control.  And then Donald Trump and a CNN reporter got snippy with each other during Trump’s first press conference and the whole world acted like they’ve always been appalled by this sort of behavior.  Up is down, left is right, and the chasm between “conservatives” and “liberals” is getting bigger and bigger.  We’re not in Kansas anymore, and if I had my way, that’d be a whole other country.


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