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Don’t Become a Champion of the Middle Ground


Laurence Vance posted an article earlier this month in which he provided an overview of various Republican tax plans, or as he rightly calls them “tax scams.”  As usual, Mr. Vance is on point.  In the article, he displays all of the recent tax plans put forth by Republican members of Congress and even the Presidential candidates from this crazy election season.  His exposé turned out to be a highly effective way to identify one of the more flagrant examples of hypocrisy within the GOP.  Republican lawmakers constantly opine about how the Democrats — with their progressive tax plans — are ever pushing us towards a socialist state.  But if you read Vance’s article, you might start to see a plain fact staring you straight in the eyes: the GOP isn’t much better.

You see, the Republicans will tell you that a slight reduction of the rates within a progressive tax system is a great first step toward an improving economy.  Doesn’t that sound like what you’ve heard from the GOP?  Sure does.  But let’s take that line of reasoning a step further.  You see, any logical person who applies his God-given skill of rational thought should be able to conclude that if a slight reduction in tax rates is a great first step, then an absolute reduction in those rates (i.e. a reduction to zero) would constitute an even better, bigger step toward an improving — dare I say thriving? — economy.  But this is of course exactly where we lose the goofballs in the GOP.

Actually, if I’m being specific, the precise place where we lost them was back when I said “…any logical person who applies his God-given skill of rational thought…” When rank and file members of the GOP present their tax plans, they provide us with all the proof we need of their inability to use logic and reasoning.  Despite their rhetoric, members of the GOP don’t actually believe that lower taxes are a good idea.  We know this because they debate about lowering the top marginal tax rate from 39% to 35%.  How generous of them!  But we’ve already identified that if a logical person is being intellectually consistent and honest with himself, he would see that continuing to lower tax rates (for everyone) would continue to improve the overall performance of the economy.  But that’s not where their talking points lead us.  They don’t advocate for so-called radical ideas like lowering all taxes to incredibly small amounts, or ::heaven forbid:: the abolition of taxes altogether.  They aimlessly wiggle around in the middle ground generously allowing you to keep 2-3% more of your own money.

But do not be fooled by their measures.  They are not helping you.  When one acquiesces to this line of thought, it inevitably becomes self defeating. As I’ve spoken about earlier, it’s never productive to water down your message in return for short term political gains. In the end you’ll wind up becoming the champion for the middle ground and completely lose sight of your original goal.  And that’s precisely what’s happened to the GOP.  They talk about championing lower taxes.  But they spend their entire careers fighting for slightly less theft of your money, rather than its abolition.  And in so doing, they legitimize the 35% tax rate that’s supposedly so much better than the 39% rate.

So do not allow yourself to lose sight of the goals which elude you.  Do not acquiesce to the middle ground.  Sure, the middle ground may wind up being a stepping stone that you have to deal with in the short term.  But do not fight for that middle ground, do not make it your new goal.  Fight for your true goals, lofty as they may be, and the middle ground which you disdain will only be stopover on your way to success.

“Urge immediate abolition as earnestly as we may, it will alas! be gradual abolition in the end. We have never said that slavery would be overthrown by a single blow; that it ought to be we shall always contend”

–William Lloyd Garrison
The Liberator, August 13, 1831

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