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Defending Voluntaryism

For those of us in the voluntaryist camp, it’s pretty often that we find ourselves defending our principles.  Almost without exception our families, friends, coworkers and neighbors will try to tell us how naive or ideological we’re being when we seek completely voluntary human interaction in society.  Some of the most frequent arguments we hear are as follows:

  • The State doesn’t threaten peaceful people with violence, only those who are harming others
  • Taxation isn’t theft because you receive services in return
  • The social contract requires obedience to the State’s rules
  • If you don’t like certain States’ laws, you can always leave
  • We have to have the State and its taxes for a social safety net

One of the more effective videos I’ve seen which tackles all of these topics is called “You Can Always Leave.”  I would ask that you take a few moment to watch this video and let the unassailable logic sit with you for a few days.

Then, if you’re still interested, I’d encourage you to follow up with Murray Rothbard’s classic, Anatomy of the State, which is available for free in eBook format from the Mises Institute.

Cheers and happy voluntaryism.

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