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The GOP is Full of Hypocrites


The GOP loves to talk a big game about the importance of the constitution and original intent.  But the talk is so disingenuous it’s laughable.  The truth is that the GOP is as bad at adhering to the constitution as the Democrats are.  If I try really hard, I can probably muster three names of elected federal government “public servants” who truly understand the constitution, what it meant when it was ratified, and the framework it was supposed to provide.  Truthfully I’m not completely sure about those three.   But hey, I said I had to try really hard, remember?

In the following article from Laurence M. Vance, you’ll learn about 30 ways the GOP violates the constitution on a routine basis.  And these examples aren’t cherry picked from a few instances of sticky situations in which the choices were hard.  These are fall-in-line, lockstep examples of GOP POLICY.  This is what the GOP wants.  And it’s all unconstitutional.  Have a read below, it’s worth your time.

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