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Ep. 7: Silly Electric Vehicles and The EU is Clearly Compensating for Brexit

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In this episode, the Libertarian Life segment returns.  In it, I showcase the idiocy of reserved parking spaces for so-called fuel-efficient/low-emissions vehicles.  I bring it all back to Hazlitt’s one lesson and the beautiful consistency that is libertarian political philosophy.  That’s right, I found a way to connect property rights and non-aggression to reserved parking spots at the airport!  Don’t believe I can do it?  Listen up, it’s a good one!

Later in the episode I switch gears and talk about the European Union and why I believe a few twitter posts are showing us how the EU compensates after a loss.  There are clear indications that the EU is still reeling from the Brexit vote.  They’re compensating with propaganda in an obvious and embarrassing fashion and I’ll tell you all about it.  I’ll even make a prediction about the future of the EU and how the history of the USA is a warning for Europeans everywhere.

After a week off, this episode was bound to be jam-packed.  Listen up!

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