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Diet Statism

GJ Fail

I’ve recently coined a new term, which gives voice to how I think about the vast majority of big L Libertarians these days.  The term is Diet Statism and it’s simply meant to describe how even in the so-called freedom movement, there is no shortage of those who wish to control their fellow man under the dubious auspices of protection.  Whenever a human being wishes to control or coerce their fellow man through the monopoly of justifiable force that we call government, it’s stateism plain and simple.  Your agreement with the voluntarists on 85% of issues doesn’t excuse your stance on the other 15% of issues, on which you wish to forcibly coerce your neighbors into submission.

And upon final inspection, it may actually be the case that the Diet Statists are more of a threat than the purists of the totalitarians — because the former group will lull you into a feeling of camaraderie before stabbing you in the back, but the latter group will make no pretenses about their intentions, which allows you to prepare yourself with proper education and counter arguments.  It’s why I can respect Bernie Sanders far more than Gary Johnson.  But don’t worry, I’m not voting for either of them.

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