Ep. 4: Free Market Smashes the Government-Protected Taxi Industry

During my trip to California last week, I had a few chance conversations with professional drivers regarding ride sharing services.  I spoke with a ride share driver and a taxi driver and it turned out they both left a little to be desired in the area of the basic principles of economics.  And while I didn’t … read more

Ep. 3: Freekachu v Bureaupuff

Coming to you from the People’s Republic of California, in this episode the Libertarian Life segment focuses on the latest craze in mobile gaming, Pokemon Go.  I discuss some libertarian themes related to this fad that are hiding in plain sight, just waiting to be discovered.  How could Pokemon Go possibly be related to freedom? … read more

Ep. 2: Police Violence in the Police State

In this episode of the Battle for Liberty, I add a new segment to the show, Libertarian Life, during which I’ll explain the Libertarian angle of an ordinary situation.  I then move on to discuss Police violence in the wake of several tragic examples.  I tie it all together with property rights and non-aggression. Articles Referenced A … read more

Ep. 1: My Battle for Liberty

I’m thrilled to publish episode 1 of the Battle for Liberty Podcast: My Battle for Liberty.  In this episode I discuss the purpose and vision for the show and then I move into my story of liberty.  I take you through exactly how I went from a statist Republican to an information seeking liberty lover. … read more

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