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The Constitution is Easy to Understand, if You’re Willing to Read It


It’s often said that we, the masses, cannot possibly interpret the Constitution of the United States.  On the contrary we are told that this mystical document is an instrument of pure bewilderment, and therefore only our wise and noble public servants should be entrusted with its analysis.

bullshitNeedless to say, I think that’s total and utter bullshit.

Tom Woods wrote a great essay that takes apart this notion, using actual history to debunk the thought that we’re too feeble-minded to understand what the States actually agreed to in 1787.  After all the Constitution is nothing more than a compact (read “contract” in today’s terms) between sovereign nations.  And so understanding the Constitution involves the pretty standard task of researching what the parties to the compact believed they were agreeing to.  As Tom points out,

…the country’s governing document is not so inscrutable after all, and we need not rely on judges and law professors to tell us what it means.

Read Tom’s essay regarding the Constitution and how relatively easy it is to understand here.  This piece is an indispensable part of my Battle for Liberty.

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