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POTUS – The Elected Monarch


Last week, the supreme court ruled 4-4 in the decision of Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal immigration. While my personal opinion is legal immigration should be so easy there should be no need to cross the border illegally, this decision has nothing to do with immigration.

The ruling should’ve been 8-0 against Obama. Obama himself stated for 6 years that he could not arbitrarily write law and grant amnesty to millions of people and in 2014 he decided to do so without congress-through executive order. This is the executive power commandeering the power of the congress. Article 1 section 1 of the US Constitution gives all law making powers to the Congress. Article 2 of the constitution says it is up to the executive branch (president) to enforce the laws passed by congress.

While precedent has been set for executive orders dating back to George Washington, most of the time this has been exercised responsibly or to coincide with the will of the congress. Obama actively went against the will/inaction of Congress (the people that are represented by them)

Inaction of congress is not an excuse to write law as a president and 26 states sued the administration. With the supreme court tie, the lower court decision is upheld to effectively freeze amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.

But again, this is not about immigration. This is about an imperial presidency and not stopping the checks and balances that are crucial to prevent us for living under tyranny. Take the issue of immigration aside or the identity of political party and think of a president you disagree with making his own law which you don’t agree with. You would be outraged, and you should be.

This decision is about our core principles. We have 4 supreme court justices that say it is okay for the president to write his own law which is completely contrary to the document they are supposed to uphold. Whether or not you think Obama’s immigration policy is good, you should be afraid of the precedent this is setting because it will come back to bite you.

Our founders get trashed a lot for being in the time that they were in, but they knew about tyrannical governments because they lived under them or they wanted a place people could escape from tyranny. Ironically, unless you are an immigrant from a socialist or communist country, you have not experienced this tyranny, and you are spoiled to live in the most open, free, and tolerant country the world has ever seen. The founders were not wrong in setting up a system that prohibits centralized power to one human being and that is common sense everyone should agree with.

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