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Why Are Americans Obsessed with Islam?


Or in the vernacular, the jizya. In case you didn’t know, this word encapsulates the notion that in Islamic countries, if you are not Muslim, you have 3 options:

  1. Convert. Believe what we believe. Worship what we worship.
  2. Pay the jizya — a tax on non-believers. In this way, the ruling class can establish and display non-Muslims’ submission to the Muslim state and its laws.  Also, payment of the jizya apparently affords non-believers some sort of protection. But from whom? I thought Islam was a religion of peace? Well maybe option 3 is more peaceful. Let’s see.
  3. Die. Well damn.

It’s no wonder our modern American State is gaga over Islam. They’re our heroes when it comes to subjugating non-believers (in this case anyone who believes in any form of Liberty, decentralization, or distributed powers). Our statist overlords can only dream of such a system, in which these three options are written into law. I wonder if that’s why nearly every single amendment in the bill of rights is under attack?  After all the bill of rights was intended to castrate the general government’s power over the citizens of the several States. If our rulers are to get their way, those pesky protections must be shuddered, in favor of their protection. But as I’ve already asked in this piece, protection from whom?

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