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National Speed Limit Laws Return with a Hillary Administration

cantdrive55Eric Peters has an excellent article today on the history of the now temporarily defunct “national” speed limit regulations and the absurdity of the notion that they were ever enacted to “keep you safe.”  Regardless of what Hillary Clinton says about keeping you – minion – safe, these laws were always intended first to save fuel – a spurious assertion to be certain.  As is always the case with top-down, authoritarian-style central controls, the genius class in Mordor on the Potomac (credit: Mike Church) couldn’t possibly know or understand the thousands of variables which effect fuel economy in today’s automobile market.  Some cars might do very well at 55 mph, while others cruise efficiently at 68.25 mph.  There’s no such thing as a standard automobile, so it follows logically that there is no magic velocity at which all vehicles operate most efficiently.  But there I go again, being logical and all… we can’t have that!


There’s another great point here as it relates to the Battle for Liberty.  If we, the citizens of the several states, are to retain our authority over internal matters such as the regulation of vehicle velocity, we must recognize and resist usurpation no matter how seemingly insignificant or purportedly beneficial the overlords claim it to be.

Check out Eric Peters’ article and website below.  Battle on, Eric.

Hillary Wants You to Drive 55… Again



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