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Libertarianism, Defined

Libertarian4Do you have questions about Libertarianism?  Have you been hearing more and more of your friends talk about it, all the while thinking to yourself, “well isn’t that just the political philosophy of people who are fiscally conservative but socially liberal?”  Well you’re not alone!  The recent debacle that we call a Presidential election cycle has caused millions of Americans to question their loyalty to the big Republican and Democrat political parties.  If you count yourself among them, I’d highly recommend seeking out another option: the Libertarian political philosophy.  And while I’m hesitant to endorse the Libertarian political party, I do fully support the [little l] libertarian political philosophy.  Won’t you take a moment to learn about it for yourself?  You’ll be more informed and as an added bonus, you’ll probably feel better about our species’ prognosis for a fulfilling future.

For an excellent primer, head on over to the Future of Freedom Foundation‘s page titled Libertarianism Defined.

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