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The Willfully Dishonest for Bernie Sanders

I recently drove past a 2015 Nissan Pathfinder sporting a large, colorful “Bernie 2016” bumper sticker.  2015PathfinderAlthough my mind would have appreciated the clarity that would accompany a quick avoidance of that nonsense, I was unable to avoid the most obvious of curiosities. Was the owner of this large, low-MPG behemoth being willfully dishonest? Or is he simply uniformed?

When contemplating the logic of the Statist, it’s often times difficult to determine the answer to that question.  And yet it’s such a common question we ask ourselves internally.

Does the driver know Bernie Sanders’ position on protectionism in general?  Further, does the driver understand the complete and utter hypocrisy of owning and operating a foreign vehicle while proudly displaying an advertisement on that vehicle which supports an avid protectionist?  After all, Bernie can’t even stomach the idea of a Government-operated museum selling foreign made trinkets, let alone a $30,000 vehicle.  Obviously the owner probably does not understand this point.  But why?  Does he willfully close his eyes to the obvious facts?  Or does he try to rationalize his purchase of a foreign car by touting the fact that it may have been made in the USA?  Maybe the latter.  But we all know that’s a bunch of bunk.  It’s still a foreign car, made by a foreign company forced to compete with highly-protected and shielded US car companies.  That’s protectionism – and it’s bad for you the consumer.  But Bernie is all for it, which means that Nissan is playing an economic game rigged against it.  And yet the owner of that car proudly supports the man and his ideas which make it harder for new car companies to bring products to the market.  That’s progressive ideology – and it’s bad for everyone.

And let’s remember, folks: no matter what sophomoric drivel happens to be spewing from Bernie Sanders’ mouth at any given point in time, you cannot escape one undeniable fact: BERNIE IS WRONG.

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