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The Cult of Lincoln: A Short Primer

Quick, name your favorite US President!  I’m willing to bet his name rhymes with Baberaham Shminkin. What?! I was right?  Uncanny.  But how did I know?  You see the odds of me being correct in my assumption that Abraham Lincoln is your favorite US President are extremely high because I know exactly how you were indoctrinated.  I know this because we we were all taught the same, tired, a-historic, nonsense in our government-run school.  It is that government-run school system that introduces large swaths of our union’s youngsters to the Cult of Lincoln.

life100peopleIf you’re unfamiliar with the Cult of Lincoln, read up on it here.  Once you’ve done that, you’ll understand why I’ve included the picture on the left.  This magazine cover is just one example of the Cult of Lincoln on display in everyday life.  Subtle as it may seem, there’s no way Abraham Lincoln’s placement directly adjacent to Jesus Christ is a coincidence.  This is simply a confirmation that the cult of Lincoln is as healthy as ever, and his deification is in full view for all to see, if one is willing to take notice.

And while we cannot know for sure whether the editors of Life included Abraham Lincoln in their list of 100 world changers for a similar reason that they included Adolf Hitler or Mother Theresa, we’ll take a flying leap of “faith” and assume it’s the latter.  Can you sense my sarcasm?  After all, it’s not actually a huge leap of faith to make that assumption.  For certain, the Cult of Lincoln will always praise him, despite his ghastly record of death and destruction in the name of ending slavery, saving lives, physically forcing an entire union of States to rejoin a political organization of convenience, obligation, subjugation.

If you’re reading this piece wondering if I’ve lost my mind for comparing Abraham Lincoln to Adolf Hitler, maybe you should familiarize yourself with the striking similarities between each of these centralizer’s positions on State power and the consolidation of small political bodies into a coercive union (side note: You’re not crazy. “Coercive union” is easily as oxymoronic as “military intelligence,” or “temporary tax increase.”)  Need more information on Lincoln, the Centralizer?  Read up here.

While you’re at it, look up Henry Clay’s “American System,” how it relates to Alexander Hamilton’s sought-after mercantilist system of the early American founding, and why it could never have come to fruition unless foisted on the Peoples of the union under a diabolical subterfuge of saving it.  In order to “save the union,” Lincoln supposedly had to use never before seen levels of violence to force millions to accept unwanted unity, corporate welfare, a central bank, and protective tariffs.  The antithetical and infamous “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system,” comes to mind.  Wait… what?  In case you missed it, watch it again:

Do you see how Lincoln’s awful precedents reverberate today?  Almost every modern centralizer, upon making the case for further consolidation of power, makes some sort of claim that “even Lincoln did this.  And see how great Lincoln was?”  And because you’ve been taught that Lincoln was the ultimate leader and unifier, you are more likely to accept the proposed centralizing program without question.  What’s worse, because you’ve been taught that Lincoln is beyond reproach, you dare not question or think critically.  Lest anyone think you are in favor of slavery!  Obviously those are the only two choices, right?  Either you love Lincoln and everything he did, or you favor slavery.  Insert eye rolling.

Is this post shocking your sensibility yet?  If so, I’ve done my job.  I implore you to continue searching for the historical truth of what happened in the mid nineteenth century in the United States.  Take in the full context of the era and its build up to war, understand Lincoln’s motives for unconstitutionally invading the South (none of which was “ending slavery,” by the way), and contemplate how the decisions of the man who “saved the union,” have had awful ramifications on the ability of the States to fight federal tyranny when there is no longer an option to peacefully withdraw from a union which no longer serves its purpose.

My absolute favorite part of the historical mugging perpetrated by the Cult of Lincoln is the criticism of this and other opinions of anyone who dares question the record (and I’m sure there will even be critics to my humble little blog — I have angered the gods after all).  Don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoy criticisms which counter the merits of my arguments.  Such criticism sparks intellectual debate and winds up being good for everyone.  But regarding this position, you will find no such rational, discussion-based critique.  Instead, what you will find is defamation of character, name calling, and guilt by association.  It’s incredibly rare to find someone who will actually refute the claims surrounding the Cult of Lincoln with historical fact and contemporary research.

There’s no doubting that the Battle For Liberty took a horrid turn for the worse when Abraham Lincoln decided unilaterally to throw off the tradition of the United States and declare the States’ total Dependence by subjugating them to the General Government.  Lest we forget our Declaration of Independence which states in part,

…Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it…

Not so, according to Lincoln.

Further reading: Thomas DiLorenzo’s books,

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