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What the Toms Taught Me Today

The lesson: Obamacare will be defended by Conservatives.  Let that sink in for a moment.  Now here’s how I learned this lesson.

Recently Thomas DiLorenzo summarized a new book by Thomas Mullen titled Where Do Conservatives and Liberals Come From?  In and of itself, the review is great and it does a superb job of convincing any rational thinker to pick up a copy and seriously contemplate the thesis put forth by Mullen.

Check out the review here

More important than the book review however is the quotation Mullen shares from another Tom – this time Thomas Woods.  Woods is the economist/historian/NY Times bestselling author responsible for the plethora of information available at and – two of the most important websites for the liberty minded in existence today.  The quotation from Woods I find so poignant goes like this, “Some day, conservatives will defend Obamacare.”

Some of you might think to yourself, “That’s impossible.  The Republicans have voted to repeal Obamacare more than a dozen times.  They’re for limited government, dammit! They’ll never defend Obamacare.”  But when was the last time you heard a conservative talk about repealing other big, bloated, unconstitutional federal programs?  Think Social Security.  Think Medicare.  Think Medicaid.  Think federal student loans.  Think TSA.  Think DEA.  Think ATF.  I could go on and on and on and on.  The list of behemoth organizations which find no justification or authority in the constitution is endless.  But conservatives almost never fight to repeal them.  And did they ever?  Maybe a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.  What’s undeniable though is that over time those loathsome programs became part of the accepted size and scope of our overlord-style government.  And conservatives have fallen lock step in line with the frenzied demands of the masses to further confiscate property from the taxpayer in order to pay off the recipient class as ROI for their part in perpetuating the cycle (IE their vote).

Of course there’s nothing “conservative” about this evil process.  But it’s almost impossible to argue that Obamacare won’t eventually be just another bullet point in the list of unconstitutional programs held up by both conservatives and liberals alike.  Get used to it.  Obamacare will be the next Social Security.  Given the proper time and entrenchment, Obamacare will eventually be quite impossible to repeal.  But that won’t matter because no one will want to repeal it by then.  Just give it time.

Thanks once again to three of my favorite Toms for expounding on these important points.

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