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The State’s Privileged Status When Busting Down Your Door

Replace every instance of “bounty hunter” in this news report with “police officer” or “federal agent,” and NOBODY would blink an eye, let alone demand culpability. 

Bounty Hunters Raid Wrong Home in Phoenix

FACT: the State is held less accountable when raiding incorrect homes, improperly confiscating private property, and even shooting incorrect suspects. There’s no denying this. Do a simple Google search for Qualified Immunity and you’ll learn some unsettling truths about the State’s privilege. 

By the way, a “raid” is what the State does, with battering rams, masks, helmets, pads, illegal forceful entry, and authoritarian attitude out the wazoo. These private bounty hunters apparently never entered the victim’s home, and did eventually “deescalate” as far as we know from the report.  Tell me the last time you saw the State “deescalate.” I’ll wait. 

Full disclosure: I’m not advocating for the bounty hunters’ actions here. Looks like they screwed up royally. Now let’s apply this level of outrage whenever the State acts likewise. Yeah right. Again… I’ll wait. 

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